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the ball to ronnie hillman. he's seen a lot of action tonight. the san diego state rookie. 14 carries and 86 yards. broncos tonight, manning is manning and mcgahee with 122 yards on the ground. thomas, seven catches and a 20-yard average. and they have rushed the ball, have the denver broncos, for a total of 226 yards tonight. more yards and more td passes in four straight games. only steve young has done that in the past. we will go down to the final minute. a smiling manning and the denver broncos for the first time this year, have won back-to-back games. tough to see this one coming for the saints offense. the fact that they have been
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shut down and jimmy graham and the gang will go back home and take on the philadelphia eagles a week from tomorrow. >> cris: watching willis mcgahee tonight and his performance made me think of a young man from south carolina, this marcus lattimoo d lattimore who had a devastating injury yesterday. mcgahee was drafted and had to sit out a year. look ahim now. 31 years old and still going. marcus, a lot of football fans around the country are thinking about you and hoping it all turns out just like it did for willis mcgahee. >> al: i was watching that on television yesterday. the guys were talking about that exact same thing. you hope the result is the same. so colquitt comes in to punt on
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fourth down. the saints will head back to louisiana with a mark of two wins and five losses to take on philly. and denver, next week, will go to cincinnati. fair catch called for. made by sproles at the 13 yard line. >> cris: i'd be hard-pressed to point out what i thought the flaw was in the broncos right now. they are so battle-tested after the teams they had to play, after the first seven games, get a guy like keith brooking come in here and sort of solidify the run game. a good-looking team right now. it really is. >> al: you know, brees reminds me when steve young, i think, was losing 40-8 at one point. george seifert tried to pull him and he said, "not a chance." here is brees. he just doesn't -- it may be a
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junk play that means nothing, but he is going to take them to the finish line with a kneel-down. >> cris: like a krapt going down with the ship. >> al: that's a good way to put it. >> cris: see you at the bar. >> al: so the denver broncos dominate and win the game. the final score is 34-14. coming up next, it will be the wendy's postgame report. michele with a trio of broncos stars, as manning and brees exchange pleasantries. that is coming up after these messages from your local nbc station. . [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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impressive performance by the broncos tonight, pushes them into first place in the afc west and pretty much pushes the saints at 2-5 to the brink. our players of the game, peyton manning, obviously, 22 of 30. three tds. demaryius thomas caught seven of them and a touchdown for him as well and champ baeiley that bottled up drew brees. they are down on the field with michele. >> michele: a scare before halftime when your hand hit that helmet. how is the thumb? >> it's always kind of a quarterback's biggest fear a hand on the helmet. i think it's the fingernail actually. it will be sore tomorrow but wasn't too bad and able to play in the second half. >> michele: you have been looking for a complete game out
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of this team. how about this one measure up to what you have been hoping for? >> i'm sure the coaches will find some mistakes on the film, michele, but it was close. coming off the bye week we thought we should be better. guys were rested and corrected some things that were giving us trouble throughout the first two games and really came out offensively and defensively and special teams, i thought, pretty much played a complete game. >> michele: this was your fifth consecutive game with 300 yards passing which i'll note is a broncos franchise record and when you consider elway played here that is something. how far have you come in these seven games? >> i think our team has come far, especially offensively as far as what i'm doing every day. the receivers i have a better rapport with them and offensive field with what plays they like. willis and ryan did a great job running the ball and opened up passing lanes. i think the team is maturing and hopefully, we will keep it going. >> michele: you mentioned demaryius thomas standing next to you. you're getting in a groove with
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all of your receivers. >> these guys are very talented. the more situations we are in the more we should improve. demaryius played great tonight and sure am proud of him. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: the receivers played a very good game tonight, demaryius. as peyton said you two seem to be communicating better and getting on the same page. how far are you guys come in these seven weeks? >> we get better and better every week. you know, i just feel like the repetition the better you get and tonight, you know, we had had a couple of -- they were trying to stop the run the whole game. we had some wide open lanes for our receivers, so, you know, that's going to help us out more, more one-on-one, one-on-one. >> michele: you have mentioned that at practice peyton will coach you as though you're in kindergarten. how do you see that translating into the games? >> it's great. one of the routes i was telling you about, i asked to score a touchdown on it. it just get better and better every week. we sit is down and talk.
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i do the things he wants me to do and i gets better and better, more repetition. >> michele: congratulations, demaryi demaryius. champ, we spoke to you before the game. you said we have to do our job. you held drew brees 213 yards passing. how were you guys so effective? >> i got to give a lot of credit to our front. our coaches made great calls and boys up front were just playing nasty and hungry and i tell them i'm leaning on you and they show up every week. and i give a lot of credit to those guys. >> michele: you've been through a lot of ups and downs with this team. right now you're 4-3. how do you see yourself with the toughest part of your schedule behind you, how do you see the rest of this season playing out? >> i really don't know. one game at a time. we really can't look past our next opponent because you never know. man, teams get hot. they get cold. you never know. you got to show up every week ready to do your job and how we got to take it. >> michele: your defense showed up tonight. congratulations.
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>> thank you, ma'am. >> michele: bob? >> thank you, michele, and your interview subjects. tony dungy, your reaction to tonight's game and your old quarterback' performance tonight? well, i thought piton was outstanding, job. you heard him talk about rapport. you heard demaryius thomas talk about repetitions and that is what i saw tonight. i saw a team that was in sync. he knows some of his old teammates but willis mcgahee understanding when they are getting the ball and the timing has to be perfect. eric decker, how am i going to run this corner route and what angle will i come out at? you're starting to see this look better and better and i i got bad news for the rest of the afc. i think peyton manning, his performance is going to improve as the season goes on. i've seen him get a team on eight, nine, ten-game winning streaks and i think that could happen for denver. >> let's turn our attentions to your old team and peyton's old team, indianapolis. what do you think andrew luck and what he did today? >> well, he's been outstanding all year.
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today, winning a game in overtime. he's just been special for them. and there was a lot of concern about luck, how was they going to handle the comparisons of playing in peyton manning shoes? but he has been great. he has found reggie wayne and got that chemistry going with him. but the thing he has given them is the belief that they can win every game. so as tough as it was getting rid of peyton manning, letting him go, i think jim irsay made the right call because he has got a franchise quarterback who is going to be there for the next ten years and who is going to be a great one. >> thank you, tony. they beat the titans in overtime today and took their record to 4-3, speaking of the colts. tune into the all-new profootball talk, folks. every weekday at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. that's it. network. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. . y's?
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>> al: our poll every week, everybody ranks the teams 1 through 32. little doubt right now which team is number one and we see them next week against dallas. >> cris: they can do so many things well. you know, julio jones is healthy in way he was and roddy white and tony gonzalez, the ageless wonder back there. mike nolan now the defensive coordinator. if they are legit, i mean, they are the legitimate best team in football right now. >> al: the atlanta falcons. i tell you who is in the top ten right now in the power polls. the denver broncos. >> cris: with a bullet, too. you get the feeling that the best is about to happen for this football team. >> al: see you in dixie next week. cowboys and falcons on "sunday night football." 34-14 our final score tonight in denver as the broncos knock off the new orleans saints. until next week, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele
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tafoya, our gang headed by fred gadeli and malibu hayes with us tonight and on his way back to aspen. saying good night from denver! .
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you are looking live at san francisco civic center where thousands of giants fans are
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waiting to see if the giants are about to become world champs. the giants are up 4-3 in the bottom of the 10th inning right now. just a little bit of torture. this is the fourth game of the world series and it has been a battle. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. what we had hoped to tell you was whether the giants are world series champs right now, but the players had other plans. we have ongoing team coverage of the ongoing torture. we're right across from at&t park, but we want to begin with stephanie trong in downtown san francisco where thousands of people gathered to watch the game on the big screen. hello, stephanie. a lot of stress out there right now. >> it's completely exciting because the giants are one inning away from winning this entire thing. the crowd is so excited. we are back as far on the street as we can be right now.
8:49 pm
i can tell the highs and lows just from the reaction of this crowd. i'm going to step out for just one second so you can see how many people there are. they have their phones up in the air. they're so excited. this is one that has been exciting the entire time. posey hit a run in the sixth inning, giving the giants the lead for tyet again. so now the anxiety is still there. you see just how many cell phones are in the air with the backdrop that's gorgeous, a lit-up city hall in orange. the crowd has been chanting the entire night, mvp for buster posey for that sixth inning home run. you couldn't keep these fans silent for long. again, the score 4-3, giants up by one. everyone is waiting for this next action, waiting, just
8:50 pm
screaming, waiting and can't even see the jumbotron. but among the other giants fans, the mayor made sure the city go permission from mlb to broadcast this game right after the giants won last night to make sure the fans could cheer on their g-men. >> stephanie? >> yes? >> it's bottom of the 10th right now, lot of pressure, lot of stress. but the pictures out there compares to two years ago, it looks like there's even more people out there. it's done. the giants just won the world series. let's listen in over at civic center plaza. [ cheering ]
8:51 pm
>> that would be about 10,000 giants fans celebrating here at civic center plaza in san francisco. the giants just won the world series 4-3, bottom of the 10th. it was another classic example of torture for the giants, but in the end they swept the detroit tigers, an unbelievable finish to the game and unbelievable finish for the giants series this year. again, this is the second world series title in three years. an incredible team. where do we want to go right now? we want to go to loren scott. guess where he is? he is in detroit with a couple happy joints fans and probably a couple unhappy detroit fans. what is going on with you, lawrence? >> reporter: i tell you something, we're stacked up ready to go in with the champagne flowing. give this one to jeremy tonight. give this to ryan terio and ryan
8:52 pm
scutaro, biggest tag team ever. the team that would not be eliminated is what we're talking about with this team. taking over the reins at the fear of the moment and making this thing happen in the 10th inning, keeping the tigers at bay. what can you say about this team. such torture, at times it was so heartbreaking and so difficult to watch, and sometimes it seemed as if this team would be eliminated first by the cincinnati reds, then by the st. louis cardinals. but they came to detroit on a mission having gone up two games to nothing in the world series with those two wins at at&t park, and they come here and close it out. a great story. this man playing in japan coming into venezuelan winter ball, brought here to san francisco.
8:53 pm
i'll tell you one thing. there is a unique opportunity right now for fans to enjoy and savor this moment from top to bottom. the aces that made this happen, guido, matt with big effort tonight. tremendous, tremendous scene. we will get inside that locker room and bring you everything from detroit in just a bit. i'm laurence scott. i'll give you back the phone. >> lawrence, stay with me just a second. we're looking at live pictures outside civic center plaza where everyone is having a great old time, waving the rally flags, everything is lit up in orange. i imagine you have a much different feel where you are in detroit in comerica park. >> a very humbling scene when you think what the owner wanted to see happen. he tried to bring a payroll that would make a championship team, the american pennant by sweeping the yankees swept themselves, and just never really got the
8:54 pm
bats off their shoulder. costilla didn't have the world series they thought he would have. miguel cabrera finally got the home run he wanted, but they knew the wind was probably going to be out of the sails, unfortunately. people in detroit,ly te i will you, even in defeat, these folks in detroit are really kind, nice, classy people that have taken what was a shocking scenario for them -- they thought there would be a series. they didn't think it would be three games, over and out. >> i love to hear that, lawrence. good sportsmanship all the way around and a lot of hope for them tonight in a crushing defeat. lawrence has you live in detroit at comerica park. you get some champagne. in the meantime, we want to go back to stephanie trong. she is in the milddle of a ginormous, very happy crowd. >> it is very happy, as you can
8:55 pm
tell. the second world series championship in three years. this is a crowd that has been waiting for this moment all day long. the first people actually got here at midnight last night to get a good spot. as you can tell, i have been swept up. diane, what can i say? it's crazy, it's crazy. >> it is absolutely crazy, and you're surviving it and enjoying it. all right, you know what else we want to do if we can, i'd love to get over to kimberly terry. she is going to be -- oh, no, look at that. we see brody zabrildo. can you hear us? he's busy, all right. a lot of stuff going on, a lot of people having a great old time. hey, brody. hello, brody. all right. you're good? he's saying he's good but he can't hear us because it's so loud there. brody, if you can hear us we'd love to hear what you have to say about your experience, too.
8:56 pm
he's giving us the thumbs up because he's just so happy but he still can't hear us. we'll go to him in a second. this is pete's tavern just across the street from at&t park where there are some very, very happy people there, too. it's a little bit dark. our live shot may have just gone away there because he got a little too far inside pete's tavern. but in the meantime, here we are. this is civic center plaza. what the mayor did, as he did in 2010, was set up a big screen right in the center of the plaza. it was important to have a place for san franciscans to go and giants fans to go and gather and have a good time. can you hear me, stephanie? >> i got knocked out of the shot. >> stephanie is trying to work with the shot and some very gleeful people along the way. giants win 4-3 at the bottom of
8:57 pm
the 10th inning. very stressful. now we're going to try to come back to kimberly terry at pete's tavern where there are some pretty crazy people there, too. hello, kimberly. >> hi, diane. [ inaudible ] >> fans are beginning to clear out right now. all eyes were on the game here at pete's tavern. fans had their fingers crossed. all around at&t park, bars and taverns are parked. i can say they were here an hour and a half before the first pitch and there was still lines outside the door. they were chanting, clapping. people who are perfect strangers are yelling. after all the high-fiving,
8:58 pm
they're still celebrating. >> there's some very, very happy people in there as well. all right, we've got pete's tavern. a little hard to hear kimberly, obviously, because everybody is whooping and hollering. you may have seen some fireworks. that was right there at civic center plaza. there were fireworks going off over city hall. not sure if they were official or unofficial, but these guys are some happy fans. my guess is many of the folks here at civic center plaza may be headed down to at&t park where they might be able to pick up some memorabilia. and now we are inside the locker room. look at everybody, the reporters have their rain gear because you know what happens in the locker room after you win something like this. there is a whole lot of champagne celebrations as well as everything else. so these are the reporters trying to head in to the locker room to get to those players who are still celebrating and trying to protect some of their gear at the same time with plastic over everything.
8:59 pm
so this is inside the locker room. we are back outside at city hall in san francisco. and those folks are not sure whether they're on tv anymore or not. but again, what i was mentioning is we're checking to see whether the store at at&t park is opening with gear for the world series champs, whether they've got memorabilia gear for san francisco giants world series champs in 2012. that is a beautiful, beautiful picture right there. we'll have more on that as well as can we check back in. is kim still available for us one more time at pete's tavern? we don't have kim, either. she got swallowed up in that beautiful crowd, which was pretty spectacular. one other thing we're going to ask from you tonight. if you are with your family, you're at a bar, you're at home, whatever that is, and your celebration, if you took a couple pictures of those celebrations, why don't you send them to us. you ca s

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